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About Me

My passion for photography first ignited when I was 15. Initially, I just took photographs of random objects at home and various flowers in the garden, but it quickly became strongly connected with my love for the natural world.

Although I took photography courses at A-levels, I am mostly self-taught and gained a great deal of assistance and advice from other photographers around me. Moreover, I worked at a camera store for a few years, teaching basic and big cat photography courses to improve individuals' competence and awareness in manual photography.

With a degree in Animal Conservation and Biodiversity, my perception of the natural world surpasses merely capturing pictures. I have established practical capabilities and an appreciation of animal behavior, which enabled me to learn and understand my topics and their yearly cycles to boost my photography.

Since June 2021, I have held a range of photography workshops at UK Owl and Raptor Centre, a raptor center in Groombridge, Kent. I have developed a close connection not only with the team there but with many of the regulars who return frequently to perfect their mastered techniques with tame subjects.

By controlling where the birds land and fly to, my customers can more quickly grasp the technical facets of photography than they could if they trained with wildlife. I am determined to leverage the experience I have gained at UK Owl and Raptor Centre and provide customers with a workshop to facilitate their progression.

My 1-2-1/2/3 workshops will be held in a selected site in Kent, where I can help them modify their camera settings and outdoor skills that I have utilized for many years to accumulate my current catalogue.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to me through the form below.

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